Saunaöfen Tulikivi Tuisku Grafia

Marke: Tulikivi

Produktnr.: tulikivi-tuisku-grafia

Lieferzeit (t.): 14-30

Geeignet für saunen von 5 m3 bis​ 15 m3.

Preis: Von 1.383,00€
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Tulikivi’s Tuisku Grafia heater combines uncompromising design and Finnish soapstone with high technology. Intended for traditional sauna bathing, the Tuisku is made of beautiful, ribbed soapstone that retains heat effectively and releases it as comfortably humid and evenly soft heat. The heater is designed to serve sauna-goers for many years and to withstand the test of time. It is a modern piece of Finnish bedrock in the sauna.

The Tuisku Grafia is especially suitable for small and family saunas and can also be placed traditionally on the floor or integrated with sauna's bench.


  • Innovative Finnish design and stone.
  • Thanks to the modular body, the cladding can be easily changed.
  • Small safety distances.
  • Thanks to the low surface temperature, the heater is safe to use in families with children.
  • The large stone compartment provides lasting, humid and soft heat.
  • Easy-to-use and stylish control unit.
  • KNX-compatible.


Operates with Tulikivi Touch Screen control unit.


Stones are not included.

The heater can be connected to a KNX building automation system.

Technische Information
Saunagröße (m3): 5-15
Garantie (j.) 2
Lieferzeit (t.) 14-30
Ofenleistung (kW) 6,8 - 10,5
Höhe (mm) 950
Breite (mm) 430
Tiefe (mm) 430
Gewicht (kg) 210
Steinkammer, max. (kg) 60
Versorgungsspannung, Phase 400V
Verbindungskabel (mm2) 5x1.5 (6.8 kW), 5x2.5 (9kW, 10.5 kW)
Sauna Raumhöhe min (cm) 190
Steuereinheit Separate Steuerung
Sicherheitsabstand von der Oberfläche zur Decke (mm) 950