EOS LED strips for steam rooms, Warmweiß

Marke: EOS Saunatechnik GmbH

Produktnr.: EOS LED garinei silta balta

Lieferzeit (t.): 14-28

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LED light strips - new version specially designed for steam rooms.

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LED light strips - new version specially designed for steam rooms.

The strips are fitted in a robust U-shape aluminium profile and protected against humidity with a special transparent resin. Each strip still allows simple an quick mounting thanks to the pre-drilled mounting holes.

5 m connection cable with a 6-pin connector included. Cable extension is possible.

Available as RGB coloured light type and as white light type.

RGB version - three basic colours (red/ green/ blue), mixed colours possible. Dimmable (voltage based). 24 V DC voltage.


Advantages and benefits:

  • Very high heat resistance up to 110oC - may be installed at the ceiling without special heat protection.
  • Every LED with individual overheating protection, automatic brightness reduction by overheating.
  • Exceptionally high light output - up to 160 lumen per watt.
  • Full humidity protection (IP65), high mechanical protection thank to the robust aluminium profile.
  • Very compact, slim size - only 20 x 9 mm.
  • Very simple and quick installation thanks to mounting holes and slim connectors.
Technische Information
Herstellungsland Deutschland
Lieferzeit (t.) 14-28
Höhe (mm) 9
Breite (mm) 20
Hitzebeständigkeit (Cº) 110