Termofor Duplet-1 Inox

Marke: Termofor

Produktnr.: Duplet-1 Inox

Lieferzeit (t.): 14-28

Es ist ein tragbares Holzofen Räucherei für traditionelle Heißräuchern in Wanderbedingungen vorgesehen.

Preis: 205,00€
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It is a portable wood-burning heating-and-cooking stove intended for heating tents, country houses, garages, and for cooking and heating in hiking conditions.

The compact size and small weight of the stove allow you to conveniently transport it. In addition, the supply package also includes a convenient bag for transportation. The cooktop is intended for cooking and warming food. Heat-resistant high-alloy steel ensures the long service life of the stove.

The supply package includes a chimney with the height of 2,5 m. All dismountable elements are placed inside the stove in the hiking position.

The Duplet portable stove will be a good help in work and rest for tourists, mushroom gatherers, hunters, fishers and many others.


Features and Benefits:

  • The compact size and small weight completed with a suitable bag allow you to comfortably transport the stove even manually.
  • A convenient surface is intended for cooking and warming food.
  • The weight of the stove is reduced, and its service life is increased due to heat-resistant alloy steel.
  • The stove can be an original and practical gift.
Technische Information
Lieferzeit (t.) 14-28
Höhe (mm) 500
Breite (mm) 345
Tiefe (mm) 315
Gewicht (kg) 4.8
Weitere Informationen Das Volumen - 12.6 l
Material Hitzebeständigem Stahl