Vaporizer EOS Bi-O Invisio

Marke: EOS Saunatechnik GmbH

Produktnr.: EOS Invisio garintuvas

Lieferzeit (t.): 14-28

EOS Zusatzverdampfer Infrasteam ist ein Zusatzverdampfer für die Infrarot Kabine mit eingebauter Steuerung. 

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Verfügbare Optionen

* Strom (kW):

Optional additional evaporator for the under-the-bench stove series Invisio - turns every Invisio sauna heater into a "Bi-O" version for a flexible sauna climate from hot and dry to mild and humid.


Your benefits:

  • Can be mounted on the side (left/right) on the Mini, Midi and Maxi (XL) models
  • Steam exits via the steam pipe and steam exit tray in the convection shaft above the stove to ensure good distribution of the moisture in the cabin
  • The steam exit tray can be mounted as various heights
  • Made in Germany quality by EOS



  • Tank casing made of high-quality chrome nickel steel.
  • Integrated dry-running protection with acoustic low water signal.
  • Filling via a filling funnel that can be mounted at a variable water level height in the cabin.
  • Emptying via a hose extension and stopcock, can be attached individually in the cabin.
  • Service-friendly thanks to front access to the relevant parts; for instance, the auxiliary evaporator can be dismantled without having to move the stove.
  • Dimensions in mm (without steam pipe) HxWxD 530 x 200 x 360.
  • The width of the Invisio stove is therefore increased by approx. 200 mm.
  • The use of a fixed water supply FWA 02 is recommended.
  • Suitable control units: EOS ECON H1, H2, H3, H4 / Emotec H / EmoTouch II+


The sauna heater is not included!

Technische Information
Garantie (j.) 2
Lieferzeit (t.) 14-28
Höhe (mm) 530
Breite (mm) 200
Tiefe (mm) 360
Versorgungsspannung, Phase 230V 1N AC
Wassertank Größe (l) max. 12 l